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Information Required by Fire Prevention Bureau
Fire Prevention Bureau needs the following information. Please check all that applies.
My business is involved in Woodworking.
If yes, how many square feet of floor space is used for woodworking?  
Uses and/or stores chemicals of any kind, including flammable or combustible liquids, corrosives, poison, compressed gasses, or paints.
Uses and/or stores flammable or combustible liquids.
Stores combustible material where the top of the material is greater than 12 feet in height.
Stores vehicles inside a building (except garages).
Assembles more than 50 persons.
Hazardous processes requiring an exhaust vent.

Zoning Review for Business Location - check all that applies to expand and answer the questions
FOOD SERVICE (if applicable)

Will the food service be waitress/waiter service?  
Will the food service be take-out only?  
Will the food service be a combination of take out and sit down?  
If the proposed facility has seating how many seats are proposed?  
Will you be selling or serving alcoholic beverages?  
If yes, what type?

Was this a previous food service establishment?  
If yes, what type?  
Any outdoor seating proposed?  
Is this a drive-through facility?  
Is there any entertainment proposed?  
If yes, what type of entertainment?  
Is there any dancing proposed?  
If so, is there a separate cover charge proposed?  

ADULT BUSINESSES (if applicable)

Will you be selling or displaying material (movies-books-video) depicting specified anatomical areas or sexual activities? (See Section 18.54 of the Anaheim Municipal Code-Sex Oriented Business)?  
Will you have employees or yourself providing nude or partial nude modeling or entertaining for someone (customer), either at your location or after being sent to another location?  
Will you or your employees be giving massages or manipulation of the body either at the proposed location or at any other location?  


Will your business be selling/serving alcoholic beverages with substantial meals?  
Will there be entertainment including bands, disc jockey or karaoke?  
If yes, please describe.  
Will there be dancing?  
If so, will there be a separate charge or admission charge for dancing?  
Will you have pool tables?  
If yes, how many?  
Will you have arcade devices?  
If yes, how many?  
Will you have juke boxes?  
If yes, how many?  

INDUSTRIAL USES (if applicable)

Will your operations include any processing, handling or storage of hazardous materials?  
If so, please describe:  
If your business is a wholesale business, will there be any retail sales to the public?  
If so, what percentage of gross sales?  
Is your industrial business location being used strictly as an office only with no warehousing or manufacturing?  
Does your business involve any repair, painting, detailing or installation of parts or accessories for any automobile, truck, motorcycle, watercraft, or recreation vehicle?  
If so, please describe:  
Will there be any outdoor storage or any other outdoor business activity (i.e. storage, work, display, sales)?  
If so, please describe:  

OFFICE USES (if applicable)

Will this use be a medical, dental or chiropractic office?  
Will the office use be in your home?  
If so, how many employees, besides yourself, will you have at your home?  

COMMERCIAL USES (if applicable)

Are there any grocery items for sale at your location?  
Will your business have any alcohol sales for off-premises consumption?  
Does your business involve any repair, painting, detailing or installation of parts or accessories for any automobile, truck, motorcycle, watercraft, or recration vehicle?  
If so, please describe:  
What is the approximate size of your store in square footage?  
What retail items will your business be selling?  

Home Occupation Terms and Conditions
I certify that my home occupation will be conducted in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Anaheim Municipal Code, including the following:
Code Section 18.92.110 DEFINITION
Home Occupation. An occupation incidental to and subordinate to the principal residential use and located on the same lot with such residential use. Home occupations shall be permiteed accessory uses in all residential zones, and in commercial and industrial (C-R, C-G, and I) zones, provided said home occupations (permitted only in a sturcture originally intended for and currently used as a single-family or multiple-family residence) comply with the following provisions of Code Section 18.38.130:

.010 No person other than members of the resident family shall engage in the home occupation.
.020 No sales of products or sevices on the premises shall be permitted except for sales through the mail, delivery service, internet or telephone.
.030 No significant increase in pedestrian or vehicular traffic shall be generated by the home occupation. For purposes of interpretation, more than six (6) total vehicles or eight(8) total people per day relating to the home occupation shall be conclusively deemed a significant increase in traffic.
.040 Commercial vehicles used in the home occupation that are parked or stored on the premises shall not be visible from any public street or right-of-way. For purposes of this section, a commercial vehicle is defined as a vehicle with commercial license plates that is not designed and used for recreational and domestic purposes.
.050 No outdoor storage of materials and/or supplies is permitted with the following restrictions:.
.0501 .Storage of supplies or equipment used in teh home occupation may be permitted in the garage in the storage does not diminish the usable parking space as required by Chapter 18.42(Parking/Loading).
.0502 Trailers and tractors weighing one (1) ton or less that are used in the home occupation shall be stored entirely within an enclosed garage and are subject to the provisions of Subsection .0501 above. Trailers, tractors, or trucks in excess of one (1) ton and all wheeled construction equipment shall not be permitted on the premises.
.0503 Storage of hazardous waste, noxious materials, chemicals, phamaceuticals, or other substances that may constitute a nuisance shall not be permitted on the premises.
.060 No exterior aspect of the residential structure shall allow the home occupation to be reasonably recognized as a nonresidential use.
.070 No noise, odor, dust, vibration, fumes or smoke caused by the home occupation shall be readily discernible at the lot boundaries.
.030 No home occupation shall cause an electrical disturbance that shall adversely affect the property of another person.
.040 The person conducting the home occupation shall obtain a City business tax certificate for and shall register the home occupation with the Planning Department on forms provided for such purpose. together with payment of a filing fee as established by resolution of the City Council.
I further understand that any violation of the above provisions may result in criminal prosecution by the City of Anaheim in accordance with Section 18.90.120 (Penalties for Violation of Regulations - General).

Fee Schedule
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